Thursday, April 2, 2009

Art Toast

Eight years ago tonight, "Art Burn" premiered on MTV. It was nice to have a Jane-centric episode again. Too bad Stacy didn't die and make the show perfect, but you can't have everything. That's why we have fanfic, I suppose.

It was also two years ago yesterday that the world was taken over by inanimate objects, per this episode. How have we coped with this disaster? What have we learned?

More shortly. Or longly. Darn thunderstorm is coming, have to log off. But first this message:

Are you concerned about angst in 'shipper stories? Stop by the PPMB thread from Undefinedlust and discuss this topic to your heart's content. Remember, there can never be too much ketchup or angst.


Anonymous said...

Didn't...mmm, Legendeld, I think, write a fic off the inanimate object premise?

undefinedlust said...

"Remember, there can never be too much ketchup or angst."

Does that mean that running out of ketchup is the most pure form of angst?

I seek to learn oh Guru!

brnleague99 said...

What do you have against Stacy? WHAT?! I know she doesn't have flippers but come on!