Tuesday, April 28, 2009

And now a word from the Talking Heads....

Kara Wild has made an offer that this fandom cannot possibly refuse. Read and contribute ASAP. Woo-hoo!

  • Once Upon a Time in Lawndale, by Disco316 (Part 10): Angela Li, the town sheriff, sat at the main table in Flagstone's Town Hall. It was customary for the sheriff to act as the auctioneer for any property auction. She couldn't help but think it was a shame she would be unable to bid on the large piece of property being offered. Still, from the whispers coming through town, and from the group of rough-looking bandits who’d made their presence at the auction known, she had a feeling bidding on the land would be nothing but trouble.
  • Something Is Rotten in the State of Lawndale, by Kristen Bealer (COMPLETE!): Later the following week, Daria was in her room, contemplating her hydrocephalic skull replica. "Nah," she muttered at last. "Too easy."
  • Stacy Rowe, Seeker (Part II), by jtranser (continued): There is no greater fool than he who wants to see things as they really are. Even so, that wish is sometimes granted. But know this, the fulfillment of that request is never to the benefit of the wisher.


Kara said...

Oh dear... as they say.

The Angst Guy said...

We should break into a chorus of "Popular" from Wicked.