Thursday, April 16, 2009


Oops, late again. It was a ruff day. More shortly (or longly, but more).
  • Lambda, by SigDiff (Parts 17 and 18): Daria could feel herself shaking from nervousness. When she was younger, it had been a habit born out of her fear of dying. When she'd learned not to fear death anymore, it had become the fear of losing her best friend. As she had been promoted, it was compounded with the possibility that her mistakes might be the reason for that loss.
  • Antiestablishmentarian Hikers, by Lawndale Lurker (continued): “Do you have Tony DeMartino's cell phone number?” Linda asked him. “He doesn't have one,” Jake replied. “How about Ms. DeFoe?” “If she has a cell phone I don't have the number for it. What are you trying to find out?”
  • Lawndale's Finest: The Dark Knight, by NightGoblyn (Chapter 3, Part 1): The figure moved across the gymnasium floor, carefully avoiding the crumpled bodies of the unconscious or hallucinating students. It seemed to almost hover forward, since all body movement was hidden by a dark, flowing cloak. Few details could be made out from the grainy, black-and-white video being shown, but the subject of the film seemed to radiate a deep sense of purpose. It slipped out the door, following the insane psychiatrist who had attacked the high school dance, and the video immediately froze.
  • Love Is a Series of Burning Sensations, by Undefinedlust (Part 6): Daria paced her room nervously. Looking at the clock she saw that there was still half an hour before Tom was to pick her up. "I should really take another Valium", she thought, and deciding against using what was in her purse went to her parents bathroom and took one from one of her father's bottles.
  • Once Upon a Time in Lawndale, by Disco316 (Part 9): Tom rifled through the drawer in which the models had been kept. It's got to be in here somewhere. I've found the bank, the stable, the blacksmith, the saloon, the nail salon; they're all here except for the... He looked up, and that thought process ceased as he saw the station model he'd been looking for suspended in front of his face. Holding the model in place was a hand, and attached to that hand was the arm that led to the body of...
  • Spirit Stick, by Brother Grimace (Part 2): Five minutes later, the soldier and the blonde woman stood in the back yard of the Pi Rho Omega sorority house, looking up at the impressive, three-story building. “Yeah. This is not going to be pleasant,” the woman said, holding up her right hand as the simple silver band on her ring finger began to pulse with a series of slow, steady blue flashes.
  • Tales of the Ringbearers: Temporary Duty, by Richard Lobinske (Part 1): Sharon Reeve pointed to a faintly visible, man-sized shape and said, "There's your target, Gunny." As she spoke, it started to move among the buildings. "Anything else?" the man asked. "You have to make that determination yourself."
  • Turnabout Confusion Part II: All The King's Horses, by Dennis (COMPLETE!): Daria sat alone on the roof, her back to one of the air conditioner vents. It was lunch hour, and the Li-stapo was gone, so she felt confident her alone time would not be interrupted, and she felt she badly needed some alone time.
  • Unnamed story (Iron Chef: Love in the Postmodern World), by Scissors MacGillicutty (COMPLETE!): Daria flopped on the bed, exhausted and exhilarated from the events of the past forty-eight hours. Quinn had said that she would like college, that people were interesting and nice, but the reception she had received surpassed—no surpassed was not the right word because it implied there had been some set level of expectation that had been exceeded....


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