Saturday, April 18, 2009

Saturday, Hanging Around

A sort of Daria/Magic: The Gathering crossover has been started by Brother Grimace: Daria - The Collectible Card Game! Have some fun with it.

Speaking of crossovers, there's a PPMB thread on new or interesting Daria crossovers. It's right here. Enjoy.

Kara Wild brings up an important anniversary. Wow, time really DOES fly!


Kara said...

*sniff* What? No tributes?

Kara said...

Actually, here's some historic significance: Guy Payne was one of the first to send me feedback. He might have been second or third.

the bug guy said...

Give us some time :)

Anonymous said...

Man, guilt works wonders. ; >

- Kara

Dennis said...

In that case, doesn't anyone want to post how awesome it is that Turnabout Confusion is finally finished? (j/k)

Congratulations Kara on your story anniversary and the success of the world Driven Wild series.