Monday, April 13, 2009

All the News Unfit to Print

Let's see, 12 years ago today an interview with Daria appeared in the San Francisco Sunday Examiner & Chronicle (in the Parade magazine). Of Jane, Daria says: "When I met her, she was wearing a 'New Kids on the Block' tour jacket. She's lucky she found me." Lots of attitude for those who like that.

  • Complications, by Legendeld (Part 8): Quinn winced at the shout coming from her sister’s bedroom. Daria was tearing into David ruthlessly over some kind of discussion on global politics. She didn’t hear her mother coming up behind her. “They’re still at it I see, or rather I can hear,” Helen said. Quinn couldn’t believe how calm her mother sounded.
  • Expecting Trouble, by Legendeld (Part 3): Helen pulled up to the school, then turned to Quinn. “The school knows, I felt it best to get it out of the way as soon as possible because of the doctor appointments. If they so much as mention it, I want you to call me right away.”
  • Legion of Lawndale Heroes Special: Tokusatsu Team Up! by Lorenzo Sauchelli (Part 6): A lone figure of Jane Lane of D-RG1993, materialized itself on the outskirts of an artificial planet. Gruesome dragon-like ‘engines’ surrounded the Planeswalker. She smirked with contempt and released a powerful omnidirectional blast that destroying each of the guards. The man that had been leading the engines was the only one that remained, although all the artificial parts of his body had been removed. He looked rather pitiful with only one arm and no legs.
  • On the Clock, by Legendeld (Part 4): I can’t believe I haven’t killed someone here yet. If I have to listen to any more of Shadow and HellCat arguing over portable power supplies one more time, I’m going to just murder both of them.

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