Thursday, April 9, 2009

Whoa, What's the Parade All About?

Seem to have slept through some things here, sorry about that. (Because I'm posting late, those of you playing the Daria Fandom Drinking Game are required to take a drink right now.) What's been going on, hmmm....

Thanks to Brother Grimace for jump-starting me with the post about dogs. I like dogs. Thanks, man!

"This Year's Model" and "I Loathe a Parade" both premiered on MTV two days ago, on the 7th. Missed it. Still gives me shivers, the penguin snuff porn in the latter. TYM appeared 12 years ago, and ILAP 9 years ago. I think.

Two Beavis and Butt-head episodes featuring Daria premiered this week as well: "Water Safety" on Tuesday (15 years ago) and "Candy Sale" on Wednesday (14 years ago). Daria doesn't say anything in the latter, but she apparently sells some boxes of candy (complaining about it all the while, no doubt).

MDetector5 has begun posting seriously interesting fan art of Brittany and Quinn in bikinis. They are worth examining, purely in the name of science of course.

Oh, yeah, zombies. Here is more data for those writing Ringbearer stories about zombies. BRAAAIIINS!

Roxanne M has another Iron Chef: The Sloanes Are Broke! Think about it, and write.

There is a lot of fanfic to catch up with, so stay tuned.

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