Thursday, April 1, 2010

A Little Song, A Little Dance, A Little Wedgie in Your Pants

Happy April Fool's Day to you all. Jesters are the logos and mascots for the day.

This blog has popped a couple or two 4/1 stunts in the past. It's amazing how many April Fool's stunts have been pulled on the Internet as a whole, including:
This day has at least one website devoted to it, though I am partial to the Museum of Hoaxes and especially to one of the best prank-busters of all time, Well worth a look for your enlightenment.

I'd still like to know what April Fool's Day is like at Holiday Island High, whether a prankster or some ironic twist on the same.Only one Daria fanfic I can find is actually attuned to April Fool's Day, that being Richard Lobinske's "I Meant to Do That." I did find a nice Liliane Grenier artwork of Trent as a court jester on Outpost Daria, but no other jesters.

It's been three years to this day since all the appliances on Earth took over and enslaved humanity. You'd think someone would notice.

Would Mack Mackenzie make a good businessman? What kind of business would he be in? Add your comments to the thread!

The supervillain named Valwire has been captured... in Jim North's artwork! Excellent!

The above item appears here. An old collectible. Darn.
  • NEW! Falling into College: The Clip Show, by Richard Lobnske (Part 1): "Hi, I’m your host, Karen Myerson. Right here in front of Fenderson Hall, what seems like the best place to start our show."
  • Finn Morgendorffer 40: Higher Learning, by HolyGrail2007 (Part 4): Fantastic. Now all we need is a flat tire, Daria thought. It didn’t come to pass when she thought it, not like the TV shows. But this was bad enough on its own.
  • NEW! Fragments of an Unnamed Tale, by Staticblast (Part 1): "It has been eight years now, since my family left the south to move here, and seven-and-a-half since I became fast friends with the artist, Jane Lane. My father was, and still is, considered strange by the community for having me tutored at home, and insane for doing the same for her. As you know, she has been both reviled and praised for her illustrations and paintings of the contents of the seven cryptical books of Hsan, named a genius and claimed to be in need of an alienist." [Part 2 here!]
  • John Lane 45: Haunted by the Past, by RLobinske (COMPLETE!): "The girls of Lawndale owe you big time, Daria," Quinn said before hurrying away.
  • NEW! (Semi)Permanent Reminder, by thatLONERchick (COMPLETE!): Daria awoke in a semi-dark room, the morning air cool and still. After a good stretch she moved the sheet off her legs and stood. She wore a thin white sports bra and boy shorts, which she straightened as she walked to the bathroom. On the door was a sheet of white paper, a message printed across the center of the page: LOCK THE DOOR

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