Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Daria Returns . . . to the BBC!

A new live-action Daria show will soon appear on the BBC!

For details, click HERE!

Okay, okay, it was just a joke. Don't get your shorts in a wad. It was an old joke, in fact, one that I found using Archive.org's WayBack Machine. I saw it on PPMB ages ago, too. Here are some other good spots on Is this really Daria Morgendorffer? (an old website no longer in operation).

It took a mighty sick sense of humor to come up with these. Someone after my own heart.

All seriousness aside, I've been looking through the "Blasts from the past" section at left (way down near the bottom) and am exploring some extinct websites. Amazing stuff there. I've always regretted that I missed almost the entire run of the show and all of the fandom until April 2002, when I finally joined in. Feel kinda stupid about it now, but what can you do.

So, exploring old fandom sites is my thing now. I've found Katherine Goodman's Daria portfolio, four different versions of Lawndale Commons, and some intriguing artwork. The holy grail would be to get the original "Planet Daria" site, but there's some kind of screw-up preventing it from showing up on the WayBack Machine. If you want to try it, the old link was:


Using the WayBack Machine, you can get only one hit from 1999: here. But clicking on the link says the site redirects to itself, which the Archive.org people say they can fix, but I've e-mailed them and they haven't gotten around to it. Oh, well.

More news on my time-traveling later. Enjoy your day, and don't get fooled. Too much.

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