Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Anyone remember this?

This is the earliest image I can find of the Daria site on MTV.com, a snapshot taken by Archive.org on October 15, 1997. Some goodies from this spot will be offered as soon as I can get them up. This sounds stupid, but I didn't know that Daria originally came on so late at night. Was MTV afraid of corrupting our youth? I think the Flock of Seagulls video for "I Ran" was much worse, and it was on all day long. Millions of viewers were harmed, but did MTV care?

Anyway, click on the pic to see the full-size version, which I admit has been trimmed down a lot simply because there was nothing else in the picture except stripes. The thing at the top is just a banner ad.

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slumshoes said...

Corrupting our children my ass....MTV aired Daria very late so our kids won't become as smart as her. MTV wants this generation to be mentally dead, so they can brainwash then exploit the youth for the sake of money. THose corporate bastards!