Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Breaking News

A new fandom holiday has been declared: Bowman Day, July 8th, celebrated in honor of metahuman friend Senator James Bowman. Check it out on DariaWiki. (You learn the strangest things there.)

MMan discovered a very useful website for writers, called "How to Write Almost Readable Fan Fiction." Besides being funny, it's also good for experienced writers to go over, lots of advice. Thanks, MMan!

NEWS UPDATE: What Would Telepathy Be Like? a discussion thread begun by Scissors MacGillicutty, is still growing. Excellent resource material if you have telepathy in one of your fanfics.

Almost 20,000 hits on DFB2! Subtract out mine and we have . . . um . . . some hits! Wahoo!

If you are in the mood for some fun, try Create a Quinn! Use your computer graphics skills to modify a standard picture of Quinn and make her unique.

Now for a quick update that I might expand later, if anything's posted:

Back soon, runny nose and I'm out of tissues. And again.

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