Sunday, April 6, 2008

A Brittanyism

And something from Brittany as well, from the same old 1990s website. Quite the extrovert, not very smart but a happy, fun, optimistic person. In a way, she's like the anti-Daria, more so than Quinn is. Wonder if a fanfic could be built around that idea.

Still going through piles of stuff. Haven't gotten to the PPMB fanfic, but will do that soon.


the nightgoblyn said...

Brittany, the anti-Daria. And yet they still end up being (more or less) friends. That right there proves this is fiction - in a real high school Brit would have never noticed Daria and Daria would have spent what little time she may have spent thinking about Brit fuming about how unfair life can be.

Anonymous said...

Not in a small school. And given that different grades had the same teachers, LHS was a small school.

medea42 said...

For two people to truly be opposite, they must have a central characteristic in common. In this case, I think it's brains.

Hear me out:
There are several allusions in the Daria Database and within the series to Brittany in some ways covering up her brainpower, and deliberately choosing to look silly. She certainly manipulates Kevin all the time, and there is her infamous brain-burst in the Daria Hunter. I just think she's hiding more than a combat knife under those pigtails.

tag, trapped in timeless infinity, said...

It could be that Brittany is more wise than smart. She is greatly motivated to do good.