Saturday, April 5, 2008

Dear Daria PDA Application page

One of the old MTV webpages from 2000-2001 linked to a free download of the Dear Daria game that is mentioned in the left column of links, under "Computer freebies." The ad at right appeared on the page, with the following notes. (The page is now a fast redirect.)


Be the coolest kid in town with the Dear Daria PDA Application! It's compatible with Palm OS 3.0 or higher. Download it now!

1. Download and decompress the file.

2. The decompressed zip file will create a file called "Daria.prc."

3. Double click on the Daria.prc file. It will launch the "Install Tool."

4. Sync your hand-held personal data assistant.


Several links led to a file called which could be downloaded. You can still get the file elsewhere (per the "Computer freebies" links). Just thought I'd mention this. Did anyone here ever try this game?

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legendeld said...

Dear Daria can also be downloaded at the following links.

If I remember correctly it was one of those ask a question and it gives a joke answer apps. Really small application. I don't think they ever updated it past 1.0

Designed to work with Palm OS devices that ran OS 3.0 but might work with current devices. If there is a need I can test this at work.