Friday, April 4, 2008

Trentisms, Part Four

[More stuff from the old Mystik Spiral webpage. The MP3 links no longer work, alas. The pic at left was positioned just above the description of "Freakin' Friends," below, so obviously this website took into account Is It Fall Yet? Track Four's notes have an obvious episode tie-in. TAG]


Listen to the haunting yet accessible music of Mystik Spiral by downloading the mp3 clips below.

Description: Originally released on Plush Records as a 45 b/w 'Behind My Eyelids,' this testament to a femme fatale (a few of them, actually) was the outgrowth of lead singer Trent Lane's sensitivity to the human condition. He was also inspired by the chilly emptiness of the family freezer. Recorded by Trent and Jesse in the Lane family basement. (Note: This song originally included a second verse, but the dehumidifier came on and drowned out the vocals. Look for a flawed-yet-extended version on the band's upcoming collection of outtakes and remixes.)

Track Two: OW! MY FACE!
Description: An impassioned tale of facial revenge and a tour de force of unmistakable volume. Recorded live at Lawndale's short-lived yet legendary Club Cinderblock. A driving beat coupled with evocative imagery make this one destined to top the charts. If the guys can stop arguing about whether the spiral logo is going in the right direction and ok the CD cover.

Description: A birthday tribute to Trent's sister, Jane, director of band graphics until she got fed up with the whole spiral direction controversy and quit. Recorded live at The Iron Horse, formerly Club Cinderblock, formerly Ron's Razor Wire Warehouse.

A collaboration between Trent and Jesse (Jesse's comment, 'I really like dogs,' gave Trent the idea). An anthropomorphic lament, drenched with confusion, anger, and painful barre chords. Debut performance at a high school party for a cheerleader which really ruined their credibility for a while. There were pigs in a blanket, though, so it wasn't a total washout.

Track Five: OH! MA FACE!
Description: The only known cover of a Mystik Spiral song, by the French band Elastiqué (CD Single: Cacophonie 1999). A bonus are the extensive liner notes, which analyze the semiotics of the lyrics in term of existential theory and in relation to Pascal's Pensées. Kind of ironic since in translation they totally ignored the crop circle metaphor and turned it into a song about a frying pan, according to Trent's friend Monique's mother.

Don't click here to play/download. They're still lost, but we're sure they'll show up one of these days.

'Not that we're selling out or anything. It's still about the music. It's not like we'd even want to end up on MTV ' - Trent Lane

'Freakin' Friends' is Mystik Spiral's most ambitious song yet, an opus of sorts, clocking in at least 2 minutes. Jesse's solo will really knock your socks off, if you wear them, which he doesn't.

[There had better be some good Mystik Spiral fanfic after all this! TAG]

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