Saturday, April 5, 2008

Pep-Rx, Brittany's Favorite Website

[Much of this page will not load, and the images are difficult to recover. Plus, it redirects very quickly. Here's what little I could get. TAG]


Come on in and share your experiences with fellow cheerleaders from coast-to-coast, including France and Hawaii!

It's a place for you to be yourself, even if that means feeling cranky or angry! Just because you're a role model for your school doesn't mean you have to smile all the time. Only when other people might see you!

*that means I'm in charge but not pushy or anything!!!

P.S. Attention Guy Cheerleaders: You are a valuable part of the sport even though we can't borrow barrettes and certain things during "ladies' days" from you. So nothing personal, but please leave now. We need a little privacy here!!!

[The asterisk'ed comment refers to an image I cannot recover. TAG]

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