Friday, April 4, 2008

Didn't Quite Work Out as Expected

As you see at right, I did manage to glue together "SF Daria" from the year 2000 Daria website that MTV had, but now her arm won't move and her helmet doesn't send radio waves. Dang. It's a GIF, it's supposed to work! Computers suck. Anyone know how to go this correctly?

The image could use some work, filling in color and completing the background. Go to it.

Next, if I can't get any more Mystik Spiral stuff, I'll post the new Quinn stuff. Stay tuned.

LATE ADD: Want to know what MTV said about Is It Fall Yet? on its website in 2000? See below.


Yes, the rumors are true.
Is It Fall Yet?, Daria's first made-for-TV movie, will premiere this fall (how appropriate!) on MTV. We can't give away too much about the story at this point except to say that it involves a hijacking of the Space Shuttle, mysterious bacteria from under the sea, the illegitimate twin daughters of a ninja warrior and a Jedi knight, a dozen talking eggs, the deaths of six main characters and a really heartwarming rendition of "What I Did For Love." But that's all we're saying.

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