Sunday, April 20, 2008


Full moon tonight. I was going to post a Beavis and Butt-head picture to celebrate (heh heh heh heh), then thought better of it.

Plundering England like a Viking from Oz, Deref claims to have burnt down Nottingham Castle and taken pictures of the ruins on his rampage across the countryside. He also reports the weather is bad, but that's normal. Damn, I wish I was back in London again.

Richard Lobinske has updated the 2008 Daria Visual Fanworks list. Go to either PPMB or SFMB and marvel at the wonders therein!

Just a reminder to get your questions in for the first alt.lawndale.creators interviews. The two in the spotlight are:

Kristen Bealer (fanfic author): See PPMB or SFMB for details


Christ Oliver (fan artist): See PPMB or SFMB for details

One week left to send in questions for them to answer!

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