Thursday, April 24, 2008

New Daria Fansite Coming?

Lorenzo Sauchelli, prolific fanfic author and true-blue fan, has announced on PPMB that he's considering the start of a new Daria fan website called Dariaverse. Actually, he's already got the website started but needs advice on content and features. Any ideas? Click here to get to the thread, and add all the advice you can muster.

The content issue came to my mind several times in the past, wondering what a new Daria website might offer, but I never successfully resolved it. This blog is really just a bunch of mental misfirings, whatever happens to go through my head on a certain day. There are very few other Daria blogs that I know of, but their content is quite different from this one (discussing the show in other countries and languages, in-depth insightful essays, etc.). Attitude always helps. Someone with strong opinions about the show could surely create a popular (or infamous, or both) site. It's happened before.

A new fansite could specialize in its direction, too, such as collecting only fanfic that is post-IICY?, or fanfic and art about the Fashion Club. I don't know if a new art website would go over, as deviantART seems to have gobbled up the market for fan artists, but who knows.

What do you think a new Daria site could offer?


E. A. Smith said...

Reviews! I really would love to see a site with actual reviews of the fanfic on it, either written by the site owner or by other fans. It would probably have to be by the site owner, though, because those sites that offer the option of fan reviews don't seem to get any. But I would love to see a site that somehow ranked fiction according to quality. I've no doubt it would ruffle feathers galore, but that doesn't bother me anymore, seeing as I am now out of the fray.

legendeld said...

Do any of the sites have chats that could be done. Exchange ideas, so on.

The Angst Guy said...

Lawndale Online has the chat info.