Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Wallpaper Tiles: When You Want Something a Little Weird

While exploring the forgotten reaches of the Internet through the WayBack Machine at, I discovered some background tiles used in MTV's old Daria site from the late 1990s. These were found on character description pages. Each background image was stacked across the screen with the character's name written in calligraphy almost like the Daria logo. A sample one for Our Heroine is at left.

If by any chance you have an interest in using tiles like these for your own website and webpage creation, by all means, use these. I've loaded them into the image section of my home site as GIFs. All you have to do is click on the name(s) you want most, and the tile will appear so you can save it to your computer. Quick 'n easy. Though the names on the tiles are off-center, this effect disappears when the images are tiled as backgrounds. You can play with the images any way you like, even changing their sizes and colors to suit your needs. And they're official, from MTV! Well, MTV from a long time ago, but still cool.



Helen & Jake


Jodie & Mack





Have fun with it!


slumshoes said...

Anyone knows the name of the font used in Daria? I need it badly.

The Angst Guy said...

No one ever figured out the real font's name, which might have been specific to the show, but Stereo Hifi is a very close substitute. The Daria Directory's title block is written with it. To download it, go to:

which has several links to it.

slumshoes said...

It's close enough. Thanks a million man.

joamelly said...

este sitio me ha ayudado mucho!! estoy super agradecida.. uhmm lo malo esq no consigo mas capitulos en español q esos 10.. y peor aun el juego.. igual buena pag ¬¬