Saturday, April 19, 2008

Today is . . . Dutch-American Friendship Day!

Dutch-American Friendship Day, yes! It gives me the excuse to use the alter ego at right, which would otherwise have been used on International Windmill Day or something. The Freudian overtones of this picture are rather striking.

Slowly getting back into blogging. Have a lot to catch up with. More shortly.

Now 777 fans at the Daria Fan Club. Almost 20,000 views here.

LATE ADD: Now 1,814 1,815 1,823 articles in DariaWiki! Awesome dedication and devotion made it possible, thanks to (in no particular order): Cyde, Quiverwing, Dr. Mike, Brother Grimace, Scissors MacGillicutty, Dennis, Taryn (welcome back, yay!), Nighthawk, Tosy, Roentgen/ CINCGREEN, João Paulo Costa, Doggieboy, Gouka Ryuu, Richard Lobinske, BlackHole, and legendeld. u r0k!


Anonymous said...

Is it the door?

the nightgoblyn said...

Also, the windows.

Anonymous said...

Ah, yes, the windows. I wonder if the windmill is self-conscious about the asymmetry of its windows.

The Angst Guy said...

Some of the alter egos on the MTV site are more than a little suggestive. My favorite was Ashley-Amber and her (ahem) organ grinder.