Friday, April 4, 2008

The Infamous Daria and Jane Chat of August 2000

The result of playing around with an enlarged Daria logo is at left. Still needs some work, but someone out there might be able to have some fun with this. It's another item plucked from either the 1999- or 2000-era MTV website. The edges have been fleshed out as well as could be.

Now for a special treat. On August 27th, 2000, an online chat was held with none other than Daria and Jane, courtesy of MTV. (Quinn, Trent, Tom, etc. were also there, but mostly Daria and Jane.) The results may be viewed here. The webpage is intact and will not redirect to a 404 error on the current MTV site.

And may I say, this chat was AWESOME. Enjoy.

LATE ADD: An MTV announcement for the chat went like this:

The Daria premiere August 27th is bound to inspire some major talk! We'll have Daria and Jane on hand in the chat room immediately after the ET/CT airing of the movie to spice discussion up a bit (check the time, West Coasters!). Better log in early to make sure you get in!

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Anonymous said...

Cool! Did you notice that one of the participants was napalmkracken?