Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Virtual Lawndale 2000

And there it is, the MTV Virtual Lawndale webpage from October 19, 2000. Notice that a couple of spots haven't let been finished by MTV and are noted as such. I have a few niggles, such as the shade of gray around the block at far right, but that's what came out of the WayBack Machine. A piece of the current VL map was substituted for the missing one. Using 24-bit color BMP on Paint for the background and adding parts in GIF from Irfanview seemed to do the trick. The text under the title "Virtual Lawndale" had to be reconstructed in Word, matched for type and background color, then cut-and-pasted to the whole, as the original text looked bad no matter what I did to it.

A piece of history for you to enjoy. Now you know what everyone was looking at seven and a half years ago.

I still have Jane's LaneBay pages to work on, but those are worse than this one. If anyone else wants to try reconstructing old Daria webpages, be my guest. Make sure you have a lot of free time first. Just don't get sick in order to do it, it's not worth it.

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