Sunday, April 20, 2008

Spaced Out

Our alter ego for this post is the image from the TV show depicting Daria in a sci-fi outfit. Many readers might not recognize the suit Daria wears as Jane Fonda's costume for the 1968 movie, Barbarella. (Click on the movie name to see the poster for it, the inspiration for the pic.) This one's for you, Brother Grimace.

Speaking of BG, my Bro asks the musical question: Are women actually more like Daria than they think? When dating, specifically. See his reasoning and the responses here on PPMB.

Updates on the Great Traveling Dariacon, also known as Dariacon Deref 2008: the adventures of a rogue Aussie (aren't they all?) among the savage barbarians of Darkest Europe.

Those with a taste for superhero Daria-ism should immediately visit The Dark Cynic & The Super Artist, by LSauchelli, who has done Daria as Batgirl and Jane as Supergirl. It totally works.

And an oldie but goodie continues on PPMB: Things Students Are No Longer Allowed To Do At Lawndale High. Bless everyone's naughty little heart.

A new Iron Chef on PPMB: Personality Wipe. DigiSim suggests having one character suddenly act in a completely different way. Some real eye-openers are in this collection. Keep it goin'!
  • Size Does Matter, by BlackHole (Part 21): Maybe there’s a door up in the attic leading to parallel universes with another me, thought Daria. Hmm, maybe there’s a story in that thought. (PPMB)


the nightgoblyn said...

Ha! You got the joke I was making in the latest Misery Chicks. The whole thing was one of those feel-good sports movie plots with the scrappy good guy team and the cheating evil team . . . except this time the evil team won.

Or as Brit would say: "Gooooooo, Team Evil!"

The Angst Guy said...

That scene certainly did have that scrappy feel to it. :)