Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Get Down and DANCE!

Today is . . .
World Dance Day!

Another of those UNESCO-type holidays when you do things for cultural diversity. Today you get to dance. Go for it.

Annnnnnd I'll add something later that's more exciting, if I can find it.

You know, I always thought that alter ego of Jane was kind of risqué. Someone should draw some underwear on her. Yeah, I know, it's Jane doing Isadora Duncan, but still... eh, whatever.

Oh, by the way, that illustration appears to be a reversal of this photo, with a scarf added. (Ms. Duncan loved scarves, perhaps a little too much.) I think she's supposed to be a wood nymph.

How would things have turned out between Daria and Jane if Jane had been into dance instead of painting? She knew how to dance, as "Life in the Fast Lane" proved. Huh.

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