Saturday, April 26, 2008

"Hey, we're the Blue Man Group, but we're thinking of changing the name."


The 2008 Visual FanWork Listing was updated today by Richard Lobinske (thank you!), which reminds me that I haven't updated the fiction list in two months. Hmmm.

LATER: Okay, I've begun the fanfiction update for 2008. It might take a few days, but it's moving.

Saw a recent news article about the Google book project, which is meant to put every written thing on Earth online (and searchable), which will make looking for copied term papers very difficult, I'm sure.

Just a quick fanfic update. I'll add more to this as the day goes on and the stories appear.

  • EarthFall, by legendeld (Episode 4, Part 3: Invid): Daria uses a secret weapon she didn't even know she had. If it fails, everyone dies.
  • Embers, by Angelboy (Part 17): Five seconds later Quinn’s voice was heard throughout the spa. “EWWW!"
  • John Lane 34: Barbeques and Gridiron, by Richard Lobinske (COMPLETE!): "I'm supposed to believe that?" Helen said. "It's in the police report," John replied.


MMan said...

Hmmm. Is that pic from a canonical alter-ego?

I once posted an Iron Chef for fanart in which Mystik Spyral would be portayed as a different kind of band - anything other than what they are: mariachi, barbershop quartet, country-western, anything.

I didn't get any responses :-(

If I could draw anything more complicated than bath-water* I'd draw them as a Celtic band: Trent on tin-whistle, Jesse on highland pipes, Nick on Irish bouzouki, Max on bodhran. Something like that.


* Actually, I take showers. I'm not absolutely positive I *can* draw bath-water!

The Angst Guy said...

The pic is an alter ego from the MTV website (current), from one of the surviving flipbooks.

I did a songfic ("The Ballad of Stacy Rowe") which is sung by The Mystik Mountain Spiral Boys, or something like that, using the alter ego of MS as a jug-and-banjo bluegrass band.

Try that Iron Chef one more time!