Saturday, April 5, 2008

OMG You wouldn't believe the stuff I am finding

[from Brittany's webpage, which unfortunately redirects and has to be stopped to be read]

Are you too pooped to pep? Too funky to be spunky? Your skirt is pleated but you're feeling defeated? Your poms are fluffy but life is toughy? You made the squad but are feeling like... a pod? (That rhymes, I think.)

Cheerleading is a very stressful activity and there's lots of pressure to be perfect, which is hard to do, even if you are. Who can you talk to? The school nurse? She'll just hand you a lollipop with some weird flavor like tangerine and say something dumb about "ladies' days."

People think that cheerleaders don't have problems. If only they knew about our secret longings and most intimate moments. I guess some do, especially those jerks who drilled a hole in the girls locker room wall. (I wish those darn budget cuts would go away so we could get the custodian to fix it! It's been two years now!)

When I first got my computer I used it for practical things like horoscopes and ordering replacement noses for my teddy bears (they're all better now, thank you!). But then I found my first support group. I was using the search thingie to look for a bra. (Who knew the word "support" has so many meanings?) Instead of a demi-cup with front clasp, I discovered people sharing their feelings and helping each other through tough times like divorce and diseases and when their favorite soap opera gets cancelled.

I realized that cheerleaders needed a place to talk about painful topics like self-image and pulling muscles in certain places. So I started one. Now I really like helping people and talking to cheerleaders from all over who don't go to my school so they won't start spreading rumors about how I got those grass stains on the back of my uniform. I mean, the front. I mean, oh, never mind.

Click here to tumble on over to my CHEERLEADER SUPPORT FORUM!

[More to come. A LOT more. OMG.]

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