Monday, April 28, 2008

Storms and Computer Issues

More soon, having to deal with multiple problems. Peace out.

LATER: Back again, all clear. Still need to reload Windows this week to fix stuff. Oh, well.

The next UK Dariacon, hosted by Deref the Barbarian and his prisoner cohort, Father Martin, is tentatively planned for May 3-4, once they finish looting Stonehenge and some Ice Age cave people. The gory details of Deref and Martin's cross-country rampage are here.

Eighty years ago today was born the only human to ever be buried on a world other than ours: Eugene M. Shoemaker, an American planetary scientist and geologist who hoped to make the journey to the Moon aboard an Apollo spacecraft. That honor went to another geologist/ astronaut, but Shoemake had done so much in the field of planetary science that, after his death in 1997, his ashes were placed aboard an American spacecraft that eventually crash-landed near the Moon's south pole in 1999. He was an awesome dude.

Today is also the birthday of Lee Falk, who created The Phantom and Mandrake the Magician. I don't recall if there have been any Daria crossovers with those two ("The Cynic Who Walks!"). There are Phantom Menace and Danny Phantom and Phantom of the Opera crossovers, but not THE Phantom. Hmmm.

In his continuing Cast Portrait (WIP) series, the ever-amazing S.C. presents . . . EVIL THOM! He looks pretty good for being evil.

Also in the artistic realm, Lorenzo Sauchelli experiments with Flash to give us Tiffany Blum-Deckler as the Eradicator, in his Dark Cynic & Super Artist series. More later.

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