Friday, April 11, 2008

Everything's Relative

"The Dalek ship that landed. They're erecting some sort of hyperspatial bridge or time tunnel." The Doctor said, pointing.

"A what bridge?" Jane asked.

"I thought hyperspace was pseudo-science." Daria commented.

"In terms of relativity, yes. But as far as quanta are concerned a nonmaterial subspace is not only possible but required." The Doctor explained as he clambered down from the strawberry.

"But quantum mechanics doesn't literally describe nonmaterial states." Daria said.

"Excuse me." Jane tried to interrupt.

"That's true, however as far as conceptualizing the relative nonexistent state of quanta..." The Doctor continued.

"Excuse me!" Jane barked.

"'s necessary to make the assumption that..."

"Excuse me!" Both Sarah and Jane yelled in unison.

Daria and the Doctor looked at their friends.

"Could we save the physics lesson till after the alien invasion has been thwarted, please?" Jane said pointedly.

from "Doctor Who Gives A Damn," by Yui Daoren

* * *

Einstein proposed his Special Theory of Relativity one hundred and three years ago today. Doesn't seem like it's been that long, does it? That's relativity for you.

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