Sunday, April 6, 2008

It's Tartan Day! Wear Your Kilt!

Timothy O'Neill, cleverly disguised as famed Scottish hero Mel Gibson, introduces us to Tartan Day, which to be honest I had never heard of before until I read Wikipedia, which is where I figure out what was supposed to have happened each day so I can stick something Daria-ish here to celebrate it. Whatever. Break out your kilt and throw some logs! Play golf! Watch some Mel Gibson movies! Or not. He's not all that nice when he's drunk, is he? But I guess none of us are. Wonder what Tim would do if he got drunk. Interesting fanfic idea there.

I forgot what I was about to say. Oh. I'll be out much of the day and so will take a break from posting more goodies, and there are a lot left to do, more than I would have guessed, including tiles to use as background on your computer screen.


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