Saturday, April 5, 2008

Radio by Daria

The "Radio by Daria" button on the old (and even current) MTV sites for Daria once linked to a website called Radio Sonicnet ( that no longer operates. At left is a recovered webpage from an older version of the site, and at right is a page from the early 2000s version.

Radio Sonicnet played online radio stations for almost every musical taste. One channel (see at left) was for MTV music. This was "Radio by Daria," with the implication that any music on late 1990s MTV was the kind of music Daria liked.

The Radio Sonicnet website is gone, and the "Radio by Daria" buttons now link to nothing but error messages. However, any alternative rock station online will do in a pinch.

LATE ADD: now has its own online radio, and has for some time. Duh.

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