Sunday, April 6, 2008

More Quickies

The family trip has been delayed, so here are more quickies. I figured out how to recover some of the images in a way that keeps the backgrounds behind them.

At left, Space Helen and Space Jake. This picture cannot be properly flopped because of the part in Helen's hair. Looks nice.

At right, a small pic lifted from the front page of one of the old Daria sites on MTV. Someone made a composite using Space Trent, Space Quinn, and Space Brittany. A similar shot appears on the current Daria site. I'd always wondered where those images came from.

More soon, maybe.


Anonymous said...

BG again. How about an enlarged shot of Future Daria (with the high boots and the energy rifle) that's on the Outpost Daria alter-egos page?

tag or someone exactly like him said...

That's the Barbarella-style Daria. I'll see what I can do.