Saturday, April 5, 2008

Updates with Upchuck

A nice shot of Upchuck from an older version of the MTV website leads us into some news and updates (part one). The treasure-mining of MTV sites will go on later. I'm saving one of the best things I found for next.

The Daria Fan Club is up to 755 members today.

Another fanfic review is posted on the gates of Fortress CINCGREEN.

Scissors MacGillicutty, Richard Lobinske, Roentgen, Quiverwing, Brother Grimace, and others forge ahead creating content for DariaWiki, now up to 1,730 articles.

On PPMB's DVDaria and More forum we find Daria fading from cultural radar, a disturbing new thread begun by Reese Kaine. I hope this isn't true.

Oddly, in all my searching, I've not been able to find some of the things described in the PPMB thread, Salvaged from the MTV Web Site, which included stuff saved on fans' hard drives for years. The Mystik Spiral fan club card, for one thing, is nowhere in sight. I think some flipbooks are missing from the WayBack Machine, and those will be very hard to find. The search will go on.

  • Basic Training: a Daria the Green Lantern story, by echopapa (Chapter 2): Daria meets a new (super) friend. Artie meets . . . something different.
  • Horse Sense, by Smileyfax (COMPLETE!): This was a crossover I never expected to see!
  • A Little Vacation, by Doggieboy80 (up to Chapter 14: Buster's Farewell)
  • Voluntary Simplicity, by medea42 (COMPLETE!): A look into Trent's life that I won't even describe except to say it is brilliant. Read it.


More on the way, as you would expect.

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