Friday, April 18, 2008

The World Through Rose-Colored Lenses

This is a special day in Daria fandom. Nine years ago today, Kara Wild completed the first story in her Driven Wild Universe: "Rose-Colored Lenses." Quinn Morgendorffer is forced to get glasses, and things are never the same again. Congratulations to Kara, and bless us all!

Speaking of DWU, Kara noticed a brief tip of the hat to a DWU fanfic she wrote, "Cheered Down," in this movie clip by famed fan artist S.C. See if you can find it.

I still do not have my computer back. @$%#@$%!!

More later, whenever.

LATE ADD: I made a new Quinn picture!


slumshoes said...

I've seen the vid by S-C. Wow! Thanks for the link. I posted my comment on that video in deviantArt...I'm deviouslydeviantart.

Kara said...

(Kara): Thanks for the nod. Wow, nine years... a millennium ago...