Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Monkey Business

Today is the 76th birthday (more or less) of famed movie actor Cheeta, who appeared in a lot of old Tarzan movies. Believe it or not, Cheeta is still alive and doing fairly well. You go, old boy.

This is also the 82nd birthday of Hugh Hefner, but I have already used the alter-ego image of Upchuck-as-Hefner and think Cheeta is far more important, culturally speaking. Plus, Cheeta made a guest appearance in "Road Worrier" as the chatroom chimp corrupting our youth. Lest you think that part was made up, take a look at his MySpace page. Bless his primate heart.

More later. Party on most righteously.


Anonymous said...

While we're on the topic of chimps, does anybody remember "Bedtime for Bonzo"? In it, Bonzo was the test primate for a nature vs. nurture experiment. The scientist conducting this was Professor Peter Boyd who attempted to teach human morals to the chimp. Who played Professor Boyd? None other than Ronald Reagan.

tag said...

I remember watching that. I used that in a fanfic I wrote, "Highland Fling." It caused young Daria great consternation.

Anonymous said...

I often wonder what would've happened if Daria did an episode with Francis the Talking Mule, another cultural icon of the '50s. (He was ruthlessly shoved out of the limelight by Mr. Ed) Naturally, the mule would talk only to her. A possible fanfic topic?