Saturday, March 22, 2008

A Very Bunny Time of Year

Upchuck and his feisty Baby Blue Bunny Brigade remind us that Easter is a time for love and togetherness and remembering the Easter Bunny. They're not alone, either. Jake Morgendorffer's family celebrated Easter when he was growing up, per "Of Human Bonding," and he would have celebrated it, too, if his father had let him come home from Buxton Ridge Military Academy.

"You can't even paint Easter eggs without talking about your butts, can you?" says Daria to Beavis and Butt-head in one of the B&B comics, highlighting the importance of friends this holiday. Yes, it is a special time everyone draws or writes about. Angelinhel portrayed little Quinn finding an Easter egg, and Brandon League offered a heartwarming tale of little Jane and her good-natured defacing of public property in "Easter Eggs Need Color."

And what would Easter be without finding an Easter egg of your own? If that's not enough, here are a truckload more.

I'm posting this early because tomorrow is going to be complicated (family gatherings, etc.). Party on most righteously!


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This was the most Easter-y pic I could find.