Sunday, March 30, 2008

Mental Flotsam

Vincent van Gogh is 155 years old today, as Jake reminds us. The picture appears wrong at first because: 1) he's holding paintbrushes in his left hand; 2) his left ear is bandaged, not his right, per VvG's self-portraits; and, 3) his coat is buttoned the wrong way, again per his self-portraits. However, he did his self-portraits while looking in a mirror, and he was (so far as I can tell) left-handed. Thus, the picture is generally correct if you were to look at him in real life. Which of course you can't, as he is dead.

Almost 1,700 articles in DariaWiki! (LATE ADD: Now 1,707. Richard made "Latitudes" #1,700. You da man!)

Some activity has been noted on the minor message boards. On Television Without Pity, a talk progresses about the likelihood of Daria DVDs.

A poster on Daria's Rubber Board asks if anyone agrees that Jane Lane and Natarle Badgiruel of Gundam Seed look strikingly alike. (They do. Cloned? Not the same personalities, for sure.)

And, on the dreaded IUFMB (Infamous Unserious Five's Message Board), Ranger Thorne has been elected Most Significant Poster of 2008, in part because until just recently he was the ONLY poster in 2008. One of the IUF has returned, however. What does this portend? Could it be a sign of the Apocalypse? One can only hope.

First part of a broad update:
* Contains mature content. Brace yourself.

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