Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Daria en español

The alter ego of Helen Morgendorffer dressed up as Charo (maybe a little more than dressed up, as cosmetic surgery seems to have been involved *) was the only icon I could locate on short notice with a Spanish touch. The list of Spanish-language websites at left was lengthened, but that was the extent of my fanwork today.

The only problem with adding non-English websites is that, of course, I can't understand them, so you, dear reader, will have to let me know if anything useless or inappropriate appears. Them's the risks of uncontrolled fandom. Suggestions for new websites are always welcome.

In other news tonight:

SFMB has been fixed. Thank you, Gamer! U r0k!

Lawndale Online needs new material; it hasn't been updated in weeks. Send in your stuff, people!

Richard Lobinske, Brother Grimace, and Dr. Mike bravely continue to expand and explore the outer limits of DariaWiki.

A new thread on PPMB has appeared: "Scenes that Should be: Brains for Rent." If you can think of fanfic scenes that deserve to appear somewhere, jot them down there.

* I am well aware that some fans feel that Helen probably required no "enhancements" to fill the bill here. We will have to examine that issue in great depth at a future time. Scientifically, of course.


Anonymous said...

BG here. Look at the episode where Helen got Jake 'Das Kapital' and he got her a wax statue for their anniversary - and it melted in the hot tub.

They're real. :-)

The Angst Guy said...

This looks like a job for . . . DOCTOR SCIENCE!!!