Tuesday, March 4, 2008

"I am lead to true bastard, oh not the question!"

So there was this French webpage about Daria, and I noticed it had a block of dialogue from the show, in French (as the French had dubbed it in, I assume). What would it look like if I had Google interpret it? I decided to find out.

Daria has gotten into Tom's car in "Dye! Dye! My Darling." Their conversation begins, translated from French back into English, with some French words left untranslated.

  • Daria: You are ripe to talk about Jane?
  • Tom: No
  • Daria: Ah .. What then?
  • Tom: In our situation ...
  • Daria: I understand not c'que you mean! In what situation you want to talk about? And first let me go jm'en quiet!
  • Tom: (retaining Daria) Wait ... Why everyone is angry with me?
  • Daria: Why? Why? But because arriving in the city I knew directly that I would be a marginal, I had a coup d'Luckily, the only one of my entire life, I met another marginal which I became l 'friend and thanks to which I felt a lot less alone until the day you have yourself and you pointed bandana while in the air!
  • Tom: For my part I simply found a nice girl with whom I went out for some time and was finally bored together is purely as banal story!
  • Daria: Oh? And you would be bored in the same way if I had not been there?
  • Tom: Probably! And I think she was tired the first I t'assure that it has nothing to do with you ...
  • Daria: So much the better because you do not absolutely m'intéresses and I poignarderais my friend in the back if the idea m'effleurait.
  • Tom: Yes, and I am lead to true bastard, oh not the question!
  • Daria: Exactly ...
  • Tom: Well it's done!
  • Daria: It's settled!
Tom and Daria suddenly kiss.
  • Daria: Oh shit, shit, shit, shit, shit!
  • Tom: Mrs. .. I liked me too!
  • Daria: It not only makes me laugh Tom
  • Tom: But moi non plus
Daria Tom embraces a second time.
  • Tom: That's not funny! .. In all, at all ..
  • Daria: Should qu'j'y go!

Try reading this aloud to someone and see how it goes. Thank God I wasn't drinking anything when I first read it. More news later.


Anonymous said...

Obviously, google translator has real problems with past tenses and contractions...

And it doesn't correct the typos in the original transcript either!

Mr Orange.

The Angst Guy said...

So true!

Hope the list of French sites is of interest. 8)