Monday, March 3, 2008

The Camp Clone Club

"Camp Fear" continues a series of running jokes in Daria showing clones of established figures in the series. It seems that everywhere Quinn goes, she runs into copies of either Jeffy, Joey, and Jamie (remember the dream guys in "College Bored", or the little boys in the library in "See Jane Run"?), or Sandi, Stacy, and Tiffany.

At left are Tracy, Cindy, and Tatiana, assuming I've spelled their names correctly and that Quinn called out their names in left-to-right order. The clone aspect is obvious because Tracy talks and acts like Sandi, Cindy like Stacy, and Tatiana like Tiffany. (The T-name girls are both Asian, too! Or maybe Tatiana is Polynesian or whatever, who cares, I can't tell.) The clone thing is taken even further when you realize that Cindy sounds like Sandi and Tracy like Stacy, though the names and girls seem to have been switched just to confuse things. Of course, the middle girl called to Quinn first at the reunion, just as Stacy spoke to Quinn first in "Esteemsters," so maybe Quinn called her name first and the order shown above is Cindy, Tracy, and Tatiana. Beats me. We'll go with the TCT order here.

So, there they are. What good are they, for fanfic purposes? It would be a tragedy to assume the clone thing is carried too far; there have to be differences, and Tracy and Cindy don't sound exactly like their counterparts, despite Tracy/Sandi's Valley Girl drawl. (Tatiana, though, sounds just like Tiffany. Maybe they're cousins.) They can't have the same last names as the Fashion Clubbers, or be too much alike, or else Quinn would notice. Maybe all three girls live in the same town and came to Camp Grizzly together. Maybe they went to Camp Grizzly regularly as kids but came from different towns.

Maybe in Quinn's senior year at Lawndale, one of the trio's family moves to Lawndale and meets Quinn. If it's Tracy (Traci?), there'll be trouble: she's ticked off at Quinn over the Alex Kroger thing, and she'll lock horns with her counterpart Sandi for control of high-school fashion (and boys). Tracy might even start her own Fashion Club to replace the one that disbanded. (Brooke finally makes it in! Or not.) A Tracy-Sandi showdown would be entertaining. If it's Cindy (Cindi?), she'll probably go along with whatever everyone else is doing, though suspicious of Quinn because she's still loyal to her friend Tracy. If Tatiana (Tatyana, Tatianna, Tatijana, Tateyanna, whatever), it's anyone's guess. The name is Slavic, but Wikipedia shows famous people from Mexico, Brazil, Australia, and France have that name, too. Tiffany Blum-Deckler is a wild card, full of unexpected twists, so Tatiana might be equally weird. Maybe she's a genius engineering student from the Philippines who writes Buffy fanfic. She did tell Quinn she was sorry to leave her at the reunion. Possible future friend?

The trio are pretty much blank slates except for what little we are given in "Camp Fear," so they're ripe for character development. I wonder if their last names rhyme with their counterparts, or are otherwise similar. They exist, clones or not, and it would be a shame to let them go to waste. Maybe we'll see them again. Good luck.

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