Sunday, March 16, 2008

The History of Retirement by Rocket: Part 1

The world's first liquid-fuel rocket was launched 82 years ago today by American rocket scientist Robert H. Goddard, who later invented the bazooka. This act of genius set the stage for the first actual Retirement by Rocket spaceflight in 1998, when the Hon. John H. Glenn Jr. flew aboard the shuttle Discovery (STS-95) at the age of 77, becoming the oldest spacefarer on Earth. He retired from spaceflight thereafter. It is possible that his flight sparked the idea for the Sick, Sad World segment (aired in June 2001 on "Boxing Daria"), though some disagree.

The world's first liquid-fuel rocket launch site is now part of the ninth hole on a golf course in Auburn, Massachusetts. Maybe Daria and Jane played golf there in college.

I will add more Daria-related news to this post as soon as I can figure some out. I don't recall Daria and Jane launching model rockets in fanfic. Pity. There's some SF stuff, though.

Oh, also must say that Richard Lobinske has updated the list of 2008 Daria Visual Fanworks, links to which are in the left column, down there somewhere.


Anonymous said...

I've always been partial to that one fic by...echopapa, I think, in which Daria and Jane cavort off to the moon in an alternate universe where Kennedy didn't get assassinated.

The Angst Guy said...

It was echopapa. I've nudged him for years to keep the story going, and this is another of those nudges. I love that tale!