Saturday, March 8, 2008

The Ice Queen Cometh!

Okay, yeah, it's Ms. Li dressed up as Glenda the Good Witch. She looks like an ice queen, though, so no quibbling.

Here's something different: The Daria Fan Club (707 strong) is looking for editorials and essays for its Soapbox forum. Got something to say about Daria, do you? Help 'em out. Also, the links section there is weak weak weak, needs some help. Go to it.

I hesitate to mention this, but also posted was a deranged "art request" from NightGoblyn. Artists, please do not do this, I beg you! Think of the children! OMG!


the nightgoblyn said...





The Angst Guy said...

NOOOOO!!! Think of the fandom!!!!