Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Grrrl Pwrrr!

Ninety-six years ago today, the Girl Scouts of America was created. About twenty years ago today, Jane Lane was deprogrammed after leaving the Girl Scouts so she would stop singing about John Jacob Jingleheimer etc. (We need more Girl Scout Jane fanfic, hint hint.)

Speaking of Lanes, Wouter has issued an Iron Chef challenge called "The Other Lane Girls," in which he asks all artists to try their hands at drawing Summer and Penny Lane.

Speaking of fan art, Christ Oliver presents "Another kiss... almost!" which is an updated version of a picture he drew of Daria and Jane a while ago. Check it out.

Speaking of other Daria and Jane fanworks:


More later, and always remember this special thought. Cheers!


the nightgoblyn said...

Hey, it's the Bluebelles!

the bug guy said...

I think the bigger story would be how Jane ended up in the Girl Scouts in the first place. :)

E. A. Smith said...

Amanda signed her up by mistake, thinking they were some hippie, back-to-earth commune group?

the nightgoblyn said...

This is a story that must be told! I've already got a ton of stuff going, though . . . somebody volunteer! :)