Saturday, March 29, 2008

Janet Barch's Favorite TV Actress

Today is the birthday of Lucy Lawless, Janet Barch's favorite TV actress (or maybe Xena is her favorite character, whichever), and it is also the day for Earth Hour, when you turn off the lights in your house. I think that's to save energy, I'm a little unclear on the concept as I wasn't on the committee setting up that holiday. Does Holiday Island have an Earth Hour character? Is he/she considered "dark"? (That was an Earth Hour joke.) More later once I think of something else to say.

LATE ADD: This post was looking thin, so I'll flesh it out.

Old news for some, but Doggieboy has previewed an upcoming fanfic on PPMB: The End of the World.

The Sidhe has thrown down the gauntlet in the form of an Iron Chef called The Sloane Family History. Detail Tom's hideous ancestry! Tell the world of his family's vile crimes! Make something up, it's okay! Thomas, scion of generations of hamster abusers! Oh, the humanity! More later.

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