Thursday, March 20, 2008

Quickie Filler Post About Cell Phones

There's a nonfunctional but not-yet-extinct website, Mr. Tones, for a company in Italy that is now out of business as far as I can tell. Mr. Tones offered little images and logos and such for cell phones. However, with the advent of easy and free downloadable phone wallpapers and other stuff that you can do completely by yourself, the need for the kind of cell-phone wallpaper Mr. Tones sold seems to have fallen off. What was interesting was that the company offered (among other personalized user names) two versions of the name "Daria" to stick on your phone's image space.

One looked like this:

And the other like this:

The latter was obviously based on the TV show's logo. The company offered a Daria ringtone, too, which I assume was based on the show's theme by Splendora, but the ringtone button doesn't work anymore. Dang.

So, the point of this is, I know nothing about ringtones and stuff, but if anyone knows a place to download Daria ringtones and other cell-phone accouterments, please post some notes about it here, in case any fanatical fans wish to try that. (I keep my own phone shut off or on vibrate because I hate noise.)

Technology moves faster than we can keep track of. So it goes. Just remember:

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