Saturday, March 1, 2008

Forward, MARCH!

Today Jake is celebrating March First by marching first! Okay, okay, it's not like I have a lot to work with here. That pic of DeMartino and the ducks would have been more appropriate, since DeMartino was marching first. Forget it.

On with business. I'm slowly adding to a list of social networking sites that have Daria content. Maybe this will bring in more fans. We could certainly use them. It's worth the try.

It must be confessed that when I began this one-page experiment in creating a Daria fan website, I had no idea it would grow to this extent. Perhaps it is not good to admit this, but in November of last year I found myself with much less computer time than before, and battling the early symptoms of burnout. It stuck me that a change would be good, but not a change that put me out of the fandom. This has been one of the least expensive hobbies I've ever had, and also without a doubt the most enjoyable. And I've never once met another Daria fan in person. Weird.

So here it is, March already, and not a single new fanfic has popped out of my computer, but I think I have the absolute best one-page Daria fan website on Planet Earth. (It's kind of like being a magazine editor again. Working with words is fun!) Plus, I still cannot believe how many Daria-related websites there are, and some of them even have valuable content! Well, not many of them, but they're fun to look at, at least.

It would be nice if someone brought out a new Daria show, with Daria now a twenty-something and dealing with post-college life. That to me would be a lot more interesting than more high-school adventures in the 1990s, or (worse) retrofitting Daria & company into the present day, again as high-school students. (This reminds me of a line Jane says in "Depth Takes a Holiday," but I'll let you guess which line it is.)

Anyway, cheers to you and I hope your day is a good one. More to come when I have time.

P.S. Did anyone ever volunteer to edit the DMOZ Open Directory for Daria? C'mon!

P.P.S. Here's the latest news from Dariacon Orlando 2008! Party! Woo-hoo!


the nightgoblyn said...

This site is quite good, and I visit it pretty much every day. I am looking forward to you catching some inspiration for a new story, but in the mean time I think you're providing a valuable service to the community right here.

Anonymous said...

BG here. I know what you mean. Working on Legion of Lawndale Heroes has been a breath of fresh air for me, as I still get to write, but in someone else's world and add my touches to it. Also, I'm not worrying about angst and tormenting my characters, either.

It's a change. :-)

Dr Miek said...

Re: DMOZ. Many times.