Saturday, March 8, 2008

Winter Sucks

Just finished shoveling out part of the driveway. Owwwww. Well, it could be worse. I could be lost in a blizzard in the mountains AND be back in high school, and I would never ever go back to high school if I could possibly help it.

Added some German websites about Daria, but the only German pic available was of an Oktoberfest Brittany with beer mugs, which was appropriate enough, but the snowstorm here was a more pressing issue. Thus, we have a wintry Daria and Jane from "Antisocial Climbers" instead.

Over time I am also adding a few more websites to the recommended list at left, mostly active fan-club sites that I'm not sure many people on PPMB have frequented. There seem to be a lot of large, loose Daria groups out there, and encouraging ties between all groups would, IMHO, help the fandom in the long run, so when the show does finally come out on DVD someone will be there to buy it.

And, finally, I am noting more websites in the lists at left as "active," using as a rule of thumb whether topics relevant to Daria have been discussed there on or after January 1, 2008. You are encouraged to visit active websites and chat, shoot the breeze, have some fun, and spread the fun around.

All for now. Party on, ppl!

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