Saturday, March 22, 2008

Daria: The Spaceship, Planet, and People

The object at left is the spacecraft Daria, twenty miles long and five miles wide, which appeared on the old TV show Space: 1999. The episode was entitled "Mission of the Darians," and was about a lost colony ship built by a humanlike race who lost their homeworld, also named Daria. Though the use of the name bears no relationship to the show Daria, it is interesting to see this peculiar use. This topic came up long ago on PPMB and is reprinted here for no real reason except nostalgia.

If Daria ever got into the SF fandom thing, she might learn about this show and dress up as a Darian for a costume contest. . . .
NOT. I could never see Daria do that. Oddly, though, I notice one Darian was named Kara. Okay, that was just too weird.

Speaking of Planet Daria, there is a blog from Australia named that now. The old web address for the very early Geocities website called Planet Daria ( no longer works, and I cannot get it through, either. Rats.

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