Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Jane: The Pre-Production Years

One of the early cast shots released for Daria had an unusual costume arrangement for Jane Lane. The pic at left is a slightly modified view taken from a much larger image. I look at it now and then . . . and make a face. That blue jacket, red shirt, brown boots, none of that really goes together. Jane wasn't a fashion plate, but she was an artist and had some sensibilities about color and other things. She had a look. What were they thinking here? The black-and-red final product was much more striking.

Still, it made me wonder how else Jane might have looked in the series. She changed outfits now and then, more often than Daria did, for sure, but not as often as Quinn (of course). This might be a good artistic Iron Chef to tinker with, taking Jane and creating some of her alternate selves, how she might have looked if . . . [fill in the blank]. Maybe the Jane in the pic at left is colorblind. Who knows.

Speaking of Iron Chefs, a new Iron Chef has appeared on PPMB, though with no takers so far. It's called "Adjustable Rate Mortgage," by TheSecretSharer. What if Daria or Jane lost their home due to foreclosure? Actually, I think this has already happened to Jane Lane and John Lane in a few fanfics, but not to Jane in a more-or-less canon continuum. That would be interesting.

Update time for fanfic, long overdue.

Lawndale Online
  • Avalon, by legendeld (Part 3): It's going to be hard to be a litterbug in Lawndale without these three girls finding out . . . and possibly doing something about it.
  • Daria d'Arc, by LSauchelli: Daria meets God? A weird one, greatly expanded from its original version. To be continued???
  • Expectavi, by Ranchoth (Part 1): The Spindoctor of COBRA has a new secret mission, and a very good reason to think of herself as The Misery Chick.
  • Falling Into College 61: Latitudes, by Richard Lobinske (Part 21): Jake is in agony following an attack by an underwater monster, while everyone else sleeps through the entire thing.
  • Legion of Lawndale Heroes Mini – Benefactor and Inventor, by Roentgen (COMPLETE!): A little golf, a little talk, a little confession: “I want to rule the world, Andrew.”
  • A Little Vacation, by Doggieboy (Part 15): Daria and Jane discover they are cartoons in some other universe. Things warm up with Robert. And what to do with all those guns?
  • My Sons, by legendeld (Part 5): “Don’t suppose we could draw straws and the loser gets a sex change. Nah, you’d look terrible as a guy.”
  • Size Does Matter, by BlackHole (Part 16): Even the onlookers got a workout from that workout.
  • Unnamed Daria/Full Metal Alchemist crossover fragment, by NightGoblyn: Okay, that was truly weird. Never saw FMA, but still, whoa.
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