Friday, April 25, 2008

Arbor Day, Always Left Out on a Limb

Our year-long tour of Holiday Island continues with Arbor Day, one of those liberal hippie sandal-wearing back-to-nature treehuggers always telling people to put out their campfires and plant seedlings. One of the most peaceable and polite young men you could ever hope to meet, and what does he get for his trouble? Picked on, that's what. He doesn't get any respect from any of the other holidays. But that's not our problem, we're just on tour. Good luck, Greenie. Don't take any wooden . . . ah, forget it.

On PPMB, Wouter shares with us sketches of Jane Lane in her role from "Write Where It Hurts," in the scene taken from The Graduate. Rrrowrrr, feisty! Thanks!

Heh, I was just thinking, what if Arbor Day came to Lawndale, hooked up with someone equally into the back-to-nature thing, and nine months later she gave birth to a Northern Spruce? I'm thinking Amanda Lane would do it. Then Jane would have a little . . . er, sapling-sibling to water. I could totally see this. What do you think?

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