Saturday, April 5, 2008

Space Helen and Space Jake, Sci-Fi Parents from the Future through the Past to the Present

The image at left is curious because (I believe) it was meant to be set against a purple background, but some purple spots were not cleaned up because they normally disappeared when the picture was in place. No matter. The image is reasonably large when you click on it.

Long ago I found a smaller version of this image centered on the Morgendorffers' heads, above right, which shows the full background. Until now I never knew where it came from. A lot of SF-style images of the Daria cast were posted between 2000 and 2001 on the MTV website, probably as part of the general "New Millennium" thing at the time or as a reference to 2001: A Space Odyssey. It is left to someone else to fill in the purple around the pic at left.

Jake's outfit is interesting because it reminds me a bit of the uniform used by Captain Video, who was the first SF hero portrayed on American television, on the now-extinct DuMont network that competed with CBS, ABC, and NBC. (The FOX Network is often said to be derived in part from DuMont.) The lightning-bolt image on the chest is smaller than Captain Video's, but that's Jake for you. Helen's outfit reminds me of the open-bodice suit of Power Girl, which reminds me that I was going to do scientific research on Helen's physical attributes at a later date.

The Morgendorffers' webpage (which redirects, hit the STOP button fast) had a link to another highly amusing page, more on which later.

I'm coming across so much old stuff that it is beginning to bog down my posting here. I hope someone out there can make use of this. It just blows my mind, thinking about all that I missed. I could slap myself. [ow!]

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