Tuesday, April 22, 2008

An Easter Egg Gets Toasted

Here's a cute little urban legend from the Easter Egg Archive. A couple years ago, someone wrote in and said that the woman seen in the golf commercial at the hotel where the Morgendorffers stay during the episode "Fire!" was actually Peggy Hill, from King of the Hill. This was interesting, so I got a screen cap of the commercial (at right, click on it for larger image) and a pic of Peggy Hill, and compared them. The brunette hair and glasses are there, but nothing else. The hair and glasses aren't even an exact match. So much for that Easter Egg. (However, the episode was written by Peggy Nichol. Coincidence? I think not, though I am not sure what I mean by that.)

So . . . don't believe everything you read. Except here.

CORRECTION: Anonymous (thank you) sent the URL to a much clearer image in Comments, and the lady golfer does not wear glasses. She has a sun visor on. So much for that!


Anonymous said...

No glasses.

The Angst Guy said...

Thanks! Excellent!